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logo TheWays
A platform for solving professional challenges with the help of people who have already walked this path. ,
logo Think Java
Java community.
logo Travel Hub
Travel Hub is an innovative project in the field of tourism - a community that combines travel services and people who love to travel, no matter if it's a hobby or a job.
logo Ukrainian .NET Developer Community
The "Ukrainian .NET Developer Community" is a dynamic group dedicated to professionals and enthusiasts in Ukraine who are passionate about .NET technology. This community brings together a diverse range of individuals, from beginners to seasoned experts, all united by their interest in .NET development. Members engage in various activities including sharing knowledge, discussing the latest trends and innovations in .NET, participating in coding challenges, and collaborating on projects. The community also organizes meetups, workshops, and webinars to facilitate continuous learning and networking. It's a supportive environment where members can seek guidance, offer advice, and exchange ideas to further their skills and careers in .NET development. This community not only fosters professional growth but also strengthens the .NET ecosystem in Ukraine.
logo UTEW
This is a community of Ukrainian technology entrepreneurs who promote their products through international technology events.
logo WTECH Ukraine
Wtech — перше в Україні ком'юніті для жінок-лідерів в IT & tech бізнесі, котрі працюють зі стартапами, в IT-компаніях, VC, діджитал.
logo Zlit
Zlit is a gathering of the most active members of Kyiv's IT communities.
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