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logo ITractor
A closed group for people who promote IT business in foreign markets.
logo IТ Dnipro Community
IT Dnipro Community combines opportunities for the development of the IT industry in Dnipro. ,
logo Java Lviv
Java community in Lviv. ,
logo Kharkiv IT Cluster
Kharkiv IT Cluster is a non-governmental organization that forms and develops an ecosystem for technology business. It brings together leading IT companies, higher education institutions, and local authorities to implement comprehensive changes in the IT ecosystem of the city and the country. It has more than 270+ members and partners.
logo Kyiv IT Cluster
Kyiv IT Cluster gathers the leading players of the IT market in a single space. Since 2016, we have been finding new opportunities for various market players — from large companies to bold startups, from outsourcers to advanced IT leaders of well-known teams. Our goal is to make Kyiv the most popular IT arena in Eastern Europe. Therefore, we gather a powerful community, expand the knowledge of its members, and also help develop production capabilities. ,
logo Kyiv Smart City
Kyiv Smart City initiative brings citizens, businesses, knowledge institutions and public authorities together to shape Ukrainian cities of the future. Kyiv Smart City based on the principles of open data, smart digital services, and transparent management. It was created to transform Kyiv into a technologically developed, inclusive, and comfortable place.
logo Lviv .NET community
The community was created for open discussions and informing the .NET community of Lviv about interesting events related to the Microsoft technology stack.
logo Lviv IT Arena
Lviv IT Arena is a three-day event jam-packed with progressive ideas from global changemakers and the most inspiring thinkers. It is a place to meet trustworthy partners and learn about bold innovations that can transform businesses. It is the best platform for structured and informal networking that leaves plenty of space for entertainment! ,
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