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logo Voopty
CRM for educational and sports institutions combined with a marketplace. The marketplace provides powerful marketing opportunities for businesses and makes life easier for their customers (electronic season tickets, online registration for lessons, a single personal account, notifications for parents, etc.)
logo Vostok
As of today, we have developed and launched two online shooters – Fear The Wolves and Survarium – while a new unannounced project has been started recently.
logo VOX
Los Angeles based startup known for VOX Music Player - the most successful music player that supports lossless music playback on OS X and iOS platforms.
logo VPoint Media
VPoint Media is a Ukrainian programmatic platform with its own data on millions of Internet users, a number of innovative products and technological solutions for the implementation of effective advertising communications and a programmatic panel for marketing research.
logo VR Education Ukraine (VREU)
The core of this VR product is a client-server model based on an authoritative server and native clients with behavioral prediction elements. The system is designed for the fastest possible network interaction with various types of mobile and virtual devices. Thanks to this approach, we have achieved a large number of connected users, high connection quality, and fast synchronization. Based on the multi-user network solution we developed, we propose to implement a virtual training system.
logo VR Inn
VR Inn - new location-based full body VR platform. Transporting people beyond the imaginable
logo VRNET
VRNET is a company, dedicated to helping property developers, architects and real estate companies enter the new and exciting market of virtual reality demos/visualizations. Our VR Showroom product allows quick and easy conversions of your 3D designs into virtual reality showrooms. Easily convert your 3D projects to Virtual Reality (VR).
logo VRobot
VRobot is a company that uses creative techniques in its work that create new-generation digital and methodological programs for teaching robotics, such as: user-friendly interfaces, innovative concepts, revolutionary technologies in VR\AR\XR. This allows to create unforgettable moments for people in the world of robotics.
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