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logo RE-leaf PAPER
A new, patented technology, with which fallen leaves serve as a source of cellulose fiber for the production of paper, cardboard, cast containers (egg trays, fruit trays, booties for berries), is also a new alternative raw material in the pulp and paper industry.
logo AIDI Solar
AIDI Solar — AI-driven solutions for PV industry.
logo Alter Eco
In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicle charging stations (EVS) and operator services for them, we have created a worthy offer. We have developed new models of EV charging stations, set up their production, developed and implemented a unique online management service. We offer consumers a new alternative to domestic production and high quality, safety, reliability and comfortable world-class service at an affordable price. The idea, in particular, is to increase employment of the population, Ukrainian inventors and developers, develop domestic production of electric vehicles, increase exports of finished products and services, and attract additional investments. Strengthening the national economy by unloading the power grid, reducing imports of petroleum products, and raising social standards by motivating people to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere in general. Today, we need to bring the offer to the market by arranging new parking lots for fuel stations of our production.
logo BioBin
We have brought absolutely new model of food waste management, tested at biggest Kyiv residential complexes by engaging its residents into easy monitoring of food consumption and composting within the territory.
logo Carbominer
We offer locally produced CO2 to greenhouse operators. We have developed a technology able to capture CO2 directly from air in a more efficient way.
logo Chillinger
The Chillinger is a portable, self-contained beverage cooler that is innovative in design and operation. It does not keep beverages chilled like a mini-fridge, nor does it keep them cold like a thermobox. The chiller quickly and efficiently chills a portion of a drink at the right time, on demand. It is like an endless thermos that you can take with you and get a chilled or warmed drink for an unlimited time, anywhere, anytime, as long as you can keep the built-in batteries charged. Compact and convenient, the Chilling Thermos is perfect for anyone who wants an active lifestyle and mobility - on summer vacations, traveling, walking, sports training, etc.
logo DeLaMark
DeLaMark is a Ukrainian manufacturer of eco-certified household chemicals and personal care products.
logo DPF Tech
The mission of our company is to create a network of high-tech specialized centers on the basis of existing service stations capable of providing high-quality diagnostics and repair of systems for reducing harmful components of car exhaust. The goal of the company is to provide maintenance services that will bring the environmental standards of vehicles used in Ukraine in line with the standards of the European Union. It is important to note that timely maintenance of the environmental safety system in a car makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption. Thus, large enterprises that own a fleet of trucks and cars will receive a significant economic benefit by reducing fuel costs. The project implementation mechanism is based on the use of specialized high-tech Italian equipment. This equipment is a unique solution for restoring the efficiency of automotive catalysts and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and guarantees complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter.
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