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logo Dobro Space
"Dobro space" is a unique place that combines comfort and productivity, entertainment and creativity. It offers a wide range of opportunities for work, recreation and leisure. The central part of the space is a co-working space, well equipped for comfortable and productive work. You can come here with your project or just work in comfortable conditions. For those looking for relaxation, the "Dobro Creative Space" has a cinema room for watching movies and other media. Gamers won't be disappointed either: with PlayStation 4 and 5, everyone can find a game to suit their taste. One of the most striking aspects of Dobro Creative Space is the large collection of board games. With over 50 options to choose from, you'll be sure to find something to suit your tastes and interests. This space is also pet friendly. This means you can take your pet with you if you need to spend a long time here. "Creative space Dobro" embodies the idea of a cozy, friendly and creative space that promotes work, rest and socialization.
logo Edison Space coworking
Coworking for work and development. , ,
logo EDspace
Coworking and event venue. A place created for development. ,
logo is a hub for attracting minds, a workshop for ideas and quality rest. , ,
logo Foma
FOMA is an anti-cafe for reading or playing, coworking in a light version, a comfortable lecture hall, a spacious cinema hall, a concert venue for acoustic music, literary readings, and small theater performances. We invite you to immerse yourself in our space, visit our events or organize your own. , -
logo FUTURA hub
Location of opportunities and creativity. Event and Art space for your self-expression. Address: 200A Kulparkivska Street. , , ,
logo Garden
Smartwork Garden is the most picturesque coworking space in Kyiv for freelancers, startups and people who are really passionate about work. Address: 3 Alexandra Dovzhenko Street. , , -
logo Generator Space
Coworking to generate ideas. ,
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