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logo Transenix
TRANSENIX is an innovative system for accepting payments in the retail network. The TRANSENIX solution makes it possible to use modern smartphones and tablets as a payment terminal. Customers can make contactless payments using their physical cards, mobile wallets and other payment devices.
Professional translation scaled by technology and enhanced by human experts. Translate your text or documents with qualified expert with on-time delivery from $0.07/word or get instant translation if text quality is not your priority. ,
logo Tranzzo
An international company that provides entrepreneurs from all over the world with the opportunity to accept online payments on their own website.
logo TRData
TRDATA is financial technology, the goal is to provide financial institutions and market professionals with high-quality, real-time and customizable products for the front, middle and back office.
logo trendHERO
Searching for and checking out bloggers on Instagram.
TRIMEN designs and manufactures optical-mechanical and optoelectronic devices for a wide range of light and heavy armored vehicles.
logo Trimen Ukraine
The company's core business is the development, manufacturing and serial production of opto-mechanical devices and optoelectronic products. Trimen Ukraine is also engaged in the research, development and production of systems for the formation, analysis, processing and display of visual and signal information, as well as the development and mastering of new products and new technologies. The company owns all technological processes and capabilities with full intellectual property rights.
logo Trip VR Ukraine
We have been working on high-precision digital models of real estate objects, making virtual tours of them among 48 h. Incorporating result in Landings, social networks and AR / VR.
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