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logo Tritel
Tritel specializes in the creation of special-purpose telecommunication networks, development and mass production of special communications and cryptographic information security equipment. The team has extensive experience in creating special communication networks for law enforcement agencies and government agencies, both in Ukraine and abroad.
We've invented unique smart multi trap and professional CRM system for pest control in each place which connected with food processing, HoReCa, logistics, retail, public spaces because all that objects have to do pest control. Our smart equipment controls situation 24/7, minimize labor force for more than 70% and collect data for deep analitics and remote pest management. Our ecosystem reduces labor and maintenance costs, increases efficiency, and provides instant problem information and transparency in areas related to human health. - -
logo Truck Ready
Freight transportation marketplace. The user-friendly mobile app allows carriers to customize their area of interest, receive notifications about profitable orders, and even listen to them like an answering machine while driving. This solution solves the problem of inefficient logistics, downtime, and excessive mileage.
logo Trueplay
TruePlay is a B2B platform with a complex of software solutions for online gambling business. TruePlay is not a gambling-provider, casino operator or casino owner. TruePlay allows only licensed gambling companies to access to their software (software-as-a-service). , , ,
logo TRUSTA, ТОВ "Траста"
Trusta is an online secure deposit service for microbusinesses. An escrow service platform with p2p arbitration and mobile channels that allows microbusinesses and their clients to make and receive deposits/advances online, without the risk of losing funds due to fraud or the inability of counterparties to fulfill the transaction. We build trust between people by guaranteeing the value of transactions.
logo Trustee Wallet
An innovative non-custodial multicurrency cryptocurrency that provides the ability to instantly send and receive virtual assets using Visa / MasterCard.
logo TrustLife
An online platform that helps people get financial literacy for free, choose the best life insurance conditions, ensure financial independence and step by step build a promising system business on recommendations with the latest online and offline tools without significant investment today.
logo TTList
TTList - is Top of TikTok influencers. Most growing tiktokers, most popular, comparison, charts. Lookup by country, city and subject.
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