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logo Лікей
Innovative educational platform for easy knowledge exchange.
logo Медікіт
Online consultation with a doctor. The patient describes the complaints, the profile doctor is connected for 5 minutes. The service works 24/7. More than 200 doctors and more than 70 specializations.
logo МійКлас
Electronic school platform of the XXI century for the formation of the "New Ukrainian School". Contains educational materials according to the school curriculum of Ukraine in Ukrainian language, mathematics, algebra, geometry, chemistry and other subjects.
logo Мурахи
Charity trading platform for byu and sell. You can donate a profit for solving a specific problem.In September 2018, the project won the European Parliament's SME Star Awards.
logo Підручник.ua
E-school platform. Offers a subscription to 600 textbooks recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. During the launch, more than 40,000 users registered there. , , ,
logo ПравоМен
Chatbot-help on legal issues: drafting documents and obtaining advice. Your personal lawyer on your smartphone.
logo ПринтХаб
Kiosk PrintHub - is a self service terminal for black and white and color A4 documents printing. The devices work autonomously and do not require often maintenance (paper capacity is up to 2500 sheets and cartridge capacity is 25000 printings). They can be placed at educational institutions, student campuses, cafes, libraries, supermarkets, book and grocery stores, petrol stations and in sub way.
logo Сапорт
UBER urgent services. We've created software that connects the customer to the wizard (ready to solve your problem now) in a 20-second phone call. It is suitable for any service, and integration takes hours.
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