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YAMPOS - a system for managing your beauty business. YAMPOS is a comprehensive system of automation of your beauty business, a new generation, which includes software EPO, online booking and inventory management.
logo YavKursi
YavKursi - your victory in the EIT! All-Ukrainian EIT preparation center that helps students achieve maximum results.
logo Yaware
That just works
logo YayPay
YayPay develops accounts receivable software that automates payment workflows. ,
logo YHO games
Game developing group of students
logo YoCard
yoCard is a mobile app that allow consumers to move their loyalty cards from the wallet to mobile phone. It also keeps coupons, loyalty points, shows available offers provide all-in-one app for loyalty and discounts.
logo Yottos
A marketing platform for finding customers. Advertising programs provide services for conducting advertising campaigns.
logo YouControl
YouControl is an analytical system that generates a complete dossier for each company and individual entrepreneur in Ukraine based on open data from more than 180 sources. It allows you to get up-to-date information about individuals from official sources. Contains data for checking foreign companies. The system allows businesses to check their counterparties and look for new potential customers and partners. As part of its social mission, the company provides free access for journalists and public activists to conduct fact-checking, investigations, analytical research, studying declarations, analyzing public procurement, etc. YouControl's products include RuAssets, a platform for searching and identifying Russian assets abroad; YC.Market, a tool for analyzing the Ukrainian and European markets, searching for b2b clients, partners, suppliers and contractors.
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