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logo Uklon
The biggest taxi service in Ukraine
logo Vymex
Vymex — українська продуктова IT-компанія, яка створює мобільний додаток для управління ресурсами, процесами та результатами в бізнесі.
logo 3DLOOK
3DLOOK’s AI-powered mobile scanning solution for e-commerce companies enables consumers to find the right size/fit and visualize what clothing looks like on them before purchase, after uploading just 2 photos of themselves from any smartphone. It increases conversion, decreases returns of apparel, and improves customer engagement. 3DLOOK already works with some of the largest retailers, fashion brands, and government entities in the world. ,
logo Awesomic
Instead of hiring, interviewing and managing designers in your team, you just get a result: from banners to landing pages. Simply create a task on our platform and get it done in 24 hours by our in-house team with complementary expertise. We do not match you with freelancers, instead of it, awesomic takes all the hassle away.
logo Carsifi
Carsifi - Wireless Android Auto adapter for ALL cars.
logo Choice QR
Choice QR – SaaS for hotels and restaurants, allowing them to digitilize, increase revenue and reduce costs.
DRESSX is the largest digital fashion store that carries 3D clothing collections from most well-known contemporary brands born in the physical world and in the digital space.
logo Influ2
Influ2 is the first person-based marketing solution leveraging machine learning technology to help B2B marketers engage enterprise decision makers one-on-one for demand generation. Influ2 delivers personalized advertising that allows its customers to build brand awareness, deliver effective content marketing, as well as create meaningful relationships with customers that result in closed deals.
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