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logo Rozetka
ROZETKA is the largest online retailer and one of the most technological e-commerce projects in the country.
logo Treeum
Treeum focuses on creating financial online services in Ukraine. Financial marketplace that allows you to compare and order the main financial products: loans, deposits and insurance.
logo Uklon
The biggest taxi service in Ukraine
logo YouScan
YouScan is an AI-powered social media listening platform for brands. With 450+ customers world-wide. YouScan helps companies become better by listening to their consumers online. One of the key advantages of YouScan is its industry-leading image recognition capabilities (including logo, scenes, objects, activities detection), which allows marketers to uncover actionable visual insights about their customers and consumption situations.
logo ZibraAI
Here at ZibraAI, we are taking 3D processing to the next level with our AI-based approach. It enables in-game physics optimizations, graphics improvement, and 3D content generation. Our technology will bring massive enhancement to the gaming experience by enabling low-level hardware and even mobile devices to simulate and render realistic liquids in real-time.
logo 3DLOOK
3DLOOK’s AI-powered mobile scanning solution for e-commerce companies enables consumers to find the right size/fit and visualize what clothing looks like on them before purchase, after uploading just 2 photos of themselves from any smartphone. It increases conversion, decreases returns of apparel, and improves customer engagement. 3DLOOK already works with some of the largest retailers, fashion brands, and government entities in the world. ,
logo Bookimed
Bookimed is the international patients support center working with hundreds of clinics around the world.
logo Cargofy
Virtual AI-powered assistant for owner-operators. AI-powered technology for automation of manual work in logistics
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