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logo Casers
SAAS platform helps conduct case competitions, online hackathons, and open-innovation challenges.
logo ChoiZY
The first online platform in Ukraine, where everyone can learn more about professions, and professionals can share their experiences with young people
logo Clickky
Clickky is a full-stack platform for advertisers and publishers, which offers both programmatic, video and performance advertising solutions, while currently focusing on the development of its own SSP and RTB Marketplace.
logo Competera
Competera is a new generation AI-driven pricing software which converts demand prediction into revenue for retailers.
logo is the only marketplace where credit companies can buy and sell turned down loan applications online.
logo Deus Robotics
Deus Robotics is a robotics company dedicated to the development, production, and sales of high-tech gear for logistics. We aim to use AI and other modern technologies to give companies and warehouses an easy way. Deus does draw from a wide range of the experience of advanced existing equipment on the market. This offers a vital contribution for our clients to facilitate the development processes.
logo EducateMe
An all-in-one platform for real-time remote teaching and building courses within minutes.
logo Effa
Effa is a short-time use toothbrush made of paper and eco-friendly materials, which make Effa 100% green. It is perfect to replace the plastic disposable toothbrush in the hotel room and show how much you care about our Planet.
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