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logo YouScore
Customer scoring system, automation of verification of companies and individuals, auto-completion of fields in CRM/ERP and other systems.
logo YouTeam
YouTeam is a marketplace for offshore developers teams.
logo Yunasko
Developer and licensor of high powered ultracapacitators
Hypermarket goods delivery service.
logo ZakonOnline
The history of the ZakonOnline analytical legal system began in 2017 with the idea to develop the most convenient and fastest product for modern lawyers, taking into account the latest technologies and recommendations of the client audience. Soon, a team of practicing attorneys, lawyers, IT specialists and marketers was formed, which works daily to create the best "legal tech product". And today ZakonOnline is one of the most convenient case law search systems, as evidenced by the paid use of the system by companies that are leaders in the legal market (ASTERS, EVERLIGAL, Gramatskiy & Partners, Kravets & Partners and others) The team constantly identifies client needs, improves and updates the system with relevant content, as well as convenient analytical "features" that make the work of lawyers easier.
logo is the official platform for public procurement.
logo Zarobitchanyn
The issue of employment and fair wages in Ukraine is very acute, which is why unfortunately, working-age Ukrainians are forced to, so to speak, search for a ""better fate"" outside of our country. It is no secret that this process has many difficulties and obstacles, especially of a legal nature. That is why our mission in the project is to change this and help hardworking and ambitious Ukrainians abroad to facilitate their stay there and create decent working conditions in accordance with the law and establish connections with their homeland. The long-term goal is to help create such working conditions for compatriots abroad so that they can earn and save enough money and subsequently invest it in Ukraine, both as direct money transfers to their families and opening their own businesses. To achieve this, we plan to bring together the best lawyers in one community on one portal. ""Zarobitchanyn"" is a legal marketplace-platform for lawyers to meet and communicate with clients who are workers abroad.
logo Zayava
Zayava.Online service will help you create a statement of claim in 5 minutes.
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