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logo Ubisoft
Video games development. With the largest in-house game development staff in the world, Ubisoft gathers more than 14,000 team members in more than 40 studios around the world. ,
logo Uboro
SaaS, Uboro keeps track of everything, from cats to rockets! A platform for remote monitoring of any GPS and IoT sensors.
logo UBOS
UBOS — is a Low-code/No-code Application Development Platform. An all-in-one cloud platform combines low-code/no-code tools with edge technologies to make your web application scalable, secure, and easy to manage.
logo UCAT-3D
UCAT-3D is an R&D company that searches, filters and analyzes initiatives in the field of 3D concrete printing of buildings and structures for the rapid reconstruction of Ukraine. We take part in the development of 3D printers, testing of equipment and mixtures for 3D printing, training of construction 3D printing operators. We communicate with state institutions, communities, charitable foundations, construction business, scientific construction structures and organizations to introduce the concept of 3D concrete printing into the construction processes of Ukraine.Currently, with our partners, we are implementing a pilot project of printing the first modular house printed on a 3D printer. It will be an energy-efficient prefabricated house made of modules. We plan to develop 3-5 typical house projects and sell them as ready-made house kits. - -
logo UECG
The uECG is the smallest oscilloscopic wearable ECG with a medically accurate signal. The uECG can be worn all day (10 hours), is lightweight and stylish - even if you're running, you'll have a reliable signal. It works with a smartphone or computer and allows you to receive raw data in real time. The price of uECG is less than 2 thousand hryvnias, and its files are open source, so uECG can be modified, produced, or used for commercial purposes.
logo UESF
UESF is an esports platform that can help you become a professional! ,
logo UGears
uGears is a Ukrainian startup that produces puzzles from plywood, which are also working mechanisms: for example, a clock, a metronome or a tram on rails.
logo UGI Studio LLC
We develop our products and provide services for the development of mobile gaming applications using advanced technologies.
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