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logo UncovAI
UncovAI introduces an innovative platform for detecting Generative AI Content, offering a blend of efficiency and sustainability. Instead of relying on resource-intensive Deep Learning models, we employ mathematical hypotheses that effectively distinguish between AI-generated and human-authored content.Our solution is flexible, versatile and light to run and is available through our web app, browser extensions and API. It allows citizens, companies and governments to authenticate the origin of content they consume on the internet - -
logo UnexploredCity
UnexploredCity. Traveling is easy, sharing is easy! The best tourist routes in the cities of Ukraine.
logo UNIC Advertising Network
A decentralized advertising network with software for browsers and mobile devices that blocks online advertising, collects, encrypts and stores personal data selected by the user in the dAppChain decentralized storage and, using the Ethereum smart contract, allows advertisers to unblock the display of their ads for a fee to a specific target audience. The product is intended for all Internet users who believe that they have the right to receive a share of the profits from the ads they view using their personal data. Our product blocks the display of any advertisement for which the user does not receive remuneration. Thanks to timely software updates, proportional dependence of the amount of remuneration of each user on his reputation metrics, and restrictions on the amount of payments with Ethereum, the advertiser pays only for quality traffic.
logo Unicheck
Unplag is now Unicheck. Unicheck is an online plagiarism detection software.
logo Unicorn Club
Github for UX designers. A tool for organizing the design process and presenting the results to the team or clients.
logo Unicorn School
Unicorn School is a licensed general education distance school of a new format. Online learning for students in grades 5-11. Issuance of a certificate of basic and complete general secondary education.
logo UniExo
UniExo exoskeleton device reduces recovery period from injuries by assisting and supporting patients outside the healthcare facilities using modular exoskeletons. Our personalized physical rehabilitation solution, can help regain and assists the limbs mobility for 1.3 billion suffering people in the world.
logo UNITYpay
The introduction of the UnityPay trading service ensures the unimpeded use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life to pay for goods and services online and offline, without making changes to the payment systems to which trading market participants are accustomed, while maintaining interest in the circulation of fiat currencies SIGNIFICANCE For crypto asset holders, a simple legal withdrawal through the purchase of goods, without any conversion actions For cryptocurrency buyers, increased financial flexibility, increasing the possibility of diversification of financial risks for savings For trade enterprises improving the quality of trade services, easy attraction and increase in the number of customers and partners and, as a result, revenue growth For the state increasing the commodity and money turnover and budget revenues helping to reduce the shadow segment, legalizing cryptocurrency transactions, improving the investment climate
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