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logo Ukrspecsystems
Ukrspecsystems covers all areas of unmanned aerial vehicles and EO/IR design, engineering, development, production, and field operations. We also offer UAV as a service, offer fully managed drone operation services with our equipment and professional team.
logo UkrSpetsTechnika
UkrSpetsTechnika develops, designs, manufactures, supplies, assembles and maintains special electronics, high-tech and science-intensive weapons, and telecommunications equipment.
logo Ukrtechno
Brand new proven wave technology for clean energy generation, fresh water production and coastal protection from wave erosion. Can operate in all geographic places from coasts to offshore and has 1-2 years payback for end customers. Ukrtechno team has engineering and business knowledge, great experience and detailed plan of market entry. -
logo Ukrtrimex Llc
We solve such problems of complex retail automation as acceptance of cashless payments, management reporting, accounting and control, preparation of Fiscal reporting. Product targets on business which needs to ensure continuity and scalability. It helps to introduce more payment methods by accepting credit cards at point of sale, improve manageability of retail business with realtime online reporting and solving growth problems for small and medium-sized businesses, building a legal fiscal reporting system.
logo ULTRA
A program for automating accounting in restaurants, retail, hotels, and fitness centers. ,
logo Umeelo
Ordering and providing household services should not be more complicated than calling a taxi! Umeelo marketplace turns the interaction between customers and masters into a convenient and predictable process, the purpose of which is to solve the problems of both parties. -
logo uMuni
The uMuni platform is a highly integrated solution that helps automate business activities. Its broad functionality allows the system to be implemented for small, medium and large customers. The system's flexible architecture handles both one and thousands of buildings.
logo Una Terra
Una Terra is an eco-ethical designer clothing for animals and their conscious owners. Advantages of Una Terra: 1) Sustainability. We take care of the environment by creating clothes from old things or eco-friendly fabrics. 2) Design and style. In Una Terra clothes you will be stylish in the park and at a party. 3) Family Look. We emphasize unity with your pets. The idea of the brand is based on the use of recycling of second-hand clothes and sustainable fabrics to produce paired clothes for dogs and their owners. The innovative sustainable fabric of our products is produced by the Swedish company We aRe SpinDye® We use the 3D LOOK program on our sales platform to ensure that the customer buys the right size. And we create samples in the 3DCLO program to reduce textile waste. We believe that clothing made from recycled polyester, which is the most popular fabric in the fashion industry, can help make a circular economy in our country.
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