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logo Zbroyar
For over 10 years, the Ukrainian arms company Zbroyar has been one of the industry leaders in the production of high-quality small arms.
logo Zeely
A platform for free website creation and business promotion from a smartphone using artificial intelligence.
logo Zeeon
Metaverse for public talks & remote workplaces. When Zoom meets Sims.
logo ZEEP
Multi-brand clothing, footwear and accessories store.
logo Zelectra
Scooter rental service.
logo Zenboards
Note board with user-friendly gesture interface Conveniently create notes and organize them with cards and panels. Easily move cards through panels (e.g. for Kanban we make 3 panels - todo, doing, done), attach pictures, set timer with reminders. Quick and natural analogue and competitor to Trello. Ready working prototype with basic functionality - cross-platform iOS and Android app 1) For family. Notes for the whole family (instead of a magnetic board on the fridge) - shopping lists, etc. Wife moves cards to "buy" board, husband buys and moves to "bought." 2) Kanban process, for small teams Our product is an analogue of Trello, for any processes in the company: "to develop", "under development", "ready to buy". Scenarios of use: approval of design layouts, software prototypes, coordination of negotiations and meetings, completed work, etc. Our kanban board is a super convenient mobile application with a gesture-optimized interface.
logo ZenWalk
A mobile app that makes walking meaningful. With a gamified map, minutes to life tracker, and a great social mission, it helps people improve their health by motivating them to walk more.
logo ZEPS.Tech
Deep tech engineering company that produce IoT for construction.
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